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I hail from Bhimavaram, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently working as an IT professional. Brought up in a traditional family with good Spiritual foundations. I am blessed to find and get associated with my spiritual guru at an early age.

Since my childhood I had passion for Technology. When I was in my early school days, I used to get punished for spoiling lot of pens. Anything interesting I see in this world, will sure trigger my curiosity to understand its anatomy. Though was a student of Electronics, my inclination towards Computing landed me in the field of Information Technology (aka IT). I am never good at coding or logic development. I love to explore and explore. Naturally I have been performing support roles since I joined my first job.

I love spending a lot of time on Internet exploring technical news and stuff. People realize my passion for technology only when I solve their problems or give solutions. Lately I am obsessed with Photography. It was hiding in me all these years but not any more. I am loving it so much that I started giving up some of my technology hobby time to make room for photography. An amateur photographer now and hoping to scale up skills in years to come.

Oh! I already spoke so much about me. Let's stop here and get back to my home page :-)

Best Wishes...
Pranav Yaddanapudi

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